At June 25th, Fotis Georgiou will publicly defend his PhD thesis Modeling for auralization of urban environments: incorporation of directivity in sound propagation and analysis of a framework for auralizing a car pass-by (PDF). The defence is preceded by a symposium with presentations from Dr. Jens Ahrens, Dr. Tapio Lokki and two PhD students from Dutch Universities.

The symposium (TU/e campus, Filmzaal Zwarte Doos) and the defence (TU/e, Auditorium) are public. The lunch is upon registration with the Dutch Acoustical Society (NAG).

1200 – 1300 Welcome and Lunch
1300 – 1330 Chang Liu (PhD student TU/e): Characterization of the acoustic properties of vegetated roofs
1330 – 1400 Presentation by PhD student to be announced soon
1400 – 1430 Dr. Jens Ahrens (Chalmers University): Acoustic Transducer Arrays
1430 – 1500 Dr. Tapio Lokki (Aalto University): Sensory Evaluation of Concert Hall Acoustics
1500 – 1600 Coffee break
1600 – 1700 PhD defence Fotis Georgiou: Modeling for auralization of urban environments