Updated: 03-03-2022

Current Projects (CP)

CP92022-2026A new era of room acoustics simulation software: from academic advances to a sustainable open source project and community
CP82022-2024Burgermeetnetwerk vliegtuiggeluid Groene Hart (measuring aircraft noise with citizen science)
CP72022DG_Acoustics – Optimization of the DG code for room acoustic simulations 
Small-Scale Initiatives in Software Performance Optimization (OpenSSI 2021b)
CP62022-2023A digital learning platform for building acoustics
BOOST! TU/e Education Innovation
CP52020-2023Acoustic Virtual Reality in Challenged Based Learning
BOOST! TU/e Education Innovation
CP42020-2025Equal-Life: Early Environmental quality and life-course mental health effects
Horizon 2020 Framework Programme
CP32019-2023Auditory profile – a comprehensive assessment of auditory functions in the blind and visually impaired
ZonMW project
CP22018-2022Auralization from a wave-based methodology: how close can we get to reality
CP12016-2022Tools to tackle environmental health problems
STW open call (Dutch Technology Foundation), project 14275


Past Projects (PP)

PP182017-2020Acoutect: A sound fundament for our future buildings
H2020 ITN project, coordinator
PP172019-2020MARS: Integration of Musical Acoustics, Room Acoustics and Sound Perception
EuroTech Postdoc Programme
PP162019-2020Metamaterial Noise Barriers for the Outdoor Environment
EuroTech Postdoc Programme
PP152016-2020DENORMS: Design for noise reducing materials and structures
COST action CA 15125, partner since 09/2016
PP142015-2019Impact noise insulation of lightweight floor systems at low frequencies
China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship
PP132015-2019Numerical modelling of transient sound propagation in buildings
LPDP Indonesia
PP122014-2018The relationship between the acoustics of open-plan work environments and well-being
and (learning) performance of users

Avans University of Applied Sciences
PP112018-2019Acoustics monitoring
PP102014-2018Prediction of the acoustic benefits of green roofs and trees for inner city configurations
China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship
PP92013-2017Musicians’ demands for acoustic comfort on concert hall and theatre stages NWO-Logo
PP82012-2016SONORUS: The urban sound planner
FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN Marie-Curie Action: “Initial Training Networks”, project nr. 2920110
PP72012-2016openPSTD: An open-source software tool for the detailed reproduction of the urban sound environment
FP7-PEOPLE-2012-CIG Marie-Curie Action: “Career Integration Grants”, project nr. 321932
PP62016Sound absorbing glass
4TU.Built Environment Lighthouse Project
PP52013-2015Optimizing the use of human echolocation in orientation an mobility:
towards an evidenced-based training program for the visually impaired

ZonMW project 94310001
PP42010-2013QSIDE: to develop and employ a refined representation of noise exposure of dwellings
LIFE09 ENV/NL/000423
PP32009-2013HOSANNA: Holistic and sustainable abatement of noise by optimized combinations of natural and artificial means
FP7-SST-2008-RTD-1, project number 234306
PP22009-2011EXPLICA: Exhaust Pipe noise radiation Modelling by Innovative Computational Aeroacoustics
EU Marie-Curie, IEF project nr. 235334
PP12003-2007Soundscape Support to Health
funded by MISTRA (Se), 2003-2007