Graduated PhD Students
Huiqing Wang
Graduated PhD in 2021
Currently: Postdoc at TU/e Building Acoustics

Room acoustic modelling of open-plan spaces
Jikke Reinten
Graduated PhD in 2020
Currently: Scientist Innovator at TNO

Exploring the effect of the sound environment on nurses’ task performance:
an applied approach focusing on prospective memory
Ella Braat-Eggen
Graduated PhD in 2020
Currently: Avans University of Applied Sciences

Auditory Distraction in Open-Plan Study Environments in Higher Education
Raúl Pagán Muñoz
Graduated PhD in 2019

Numerical modeling for urban sound propagation: developments in wave-based and energy-based methods
Chang Liu
Graduated PhD in 2019
Currently: Assistant Professor at Chongqing University

In-situ characterization of the acoustic impedance of vegetated roofs
Fotis Georgiou
Graduated PhD in 2018
Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher at Empa

Modeling for auralization of urban environments
Remy Wenmaekers
Graduated PhD in 2017
Currently: Consultant at Level Acoustics & Vibration

Stage acoustics
Former Researchers
Matthias Cosnefroy
Post-doctoral researcher, 2020-2022
Currently: Simulation specialist at Treble

Outdoor sound propagation
Alessia Milo
Post-doctoral researcher, 2020-2021
Currently: Audio VR specialist at Treble

Acoustic Virtual Reality in Education
Lingge Tan
Visiting PhD student, 2019-2020

Design and evaluation of acoustic fractal diffusers
Sai Charan Trikootam
PhD student, 2016-2020

Numerical modelling of sound propagation in the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL)
JinJack Tan
Post-doctoral researcher, 2019-2020
Currently: Acoustic Research Engineer at Sorama

MARS: Integration of Musical Acoustics, Room acoustics and Sound perception
Fanyu Meng
Post-doctoral researcher, 2017-2018
Currently: Microflown Technologies
Rick de Vos
Project researcher, 2013-2016

Human echolocation: relation perception and acoustic signals
Jeroen Donners
Project researcher (student), 2017-2019

openPSTD software development
Michiel Fortuin
Project researcher (student), 2014-2017

openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method
Louis van Harten
Project researcher (student), 2015-2017

openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method
Bram Botterman
Project researcher, 2016-2017
Currently: Matude

Sound absorbing glass
Omar Richardson
Project researcher (student), 2014-2016

openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method
Thomas Krijnen
Project researcher (student), 2012-2014

openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method