dr. Ella Braat-Eggen!

At Tuesday June 23th, Ella Braat-Eggen defended her PhD thesis ‘Auditory Distraction in Open-Plan Study Environments in Higher Education’ at TU/e! The defense was in a hybrid form, with promotors and limited audience on campus, and committee members and more audience present via videoconferencing. The thesis can be found here and a summary video on … More dr. Ella Braat-Eggen!

Podcast on Echolocation

The Universiteit van Nederland is an online platform where scientists share the most exciting insights from their field through short lectures for a wide audience. A podcast is now available at Universiteit van Nederland, in which Maarten talks about the capability of blind to ‘see’ via their ears through human echolocation. Listen to the podcast … More Podcast on Echolocation

Maarten in Podcast

Maarten has been interviewed by Lieven Scheire about his work in the Building Acoustics research group. This long interview (45 mins) is available as episode #15 of the Eindhoven University of Technology podcast series sound of science. The interview (in Dutch can be found here).

Virtual Acoustics @DDW

The Building Acoustics is present at the Dutch Design Week 2019 (19-27 October) in Eindhoven with a Virtual Acoustics demo. You can listen to your own voice in real-time in virtual environments with high realism. Read more about our story here and visit us. The entrance is free.

PhD defence Chang Liu including symposium

At April 2nd, Chang Liu will publicly defend her PhD thesis In-situ characterization of the acoustic impedance of vegetated roofs (PDF). The defence is preceded by a symposium with presentations from Prof. Francesco Asdrubali, Prof. Timothy van Renterghem, Prof. Jian Kang, and PhD student Sai Trikootam. The symposium and the defence are public. 1330 – … More PhD defence Chang Liu including symposium

New group members

In the first three months of 2019, four new researchers have started working in our Building Acoustics research group! JinJack Tan is a postdoctoral research fellow, who was awarded a 2-year EuroTech postdoc research grant with his research project MARS:  Integration of Musical Acoustics, Room acoustics and Sound perception Jieun Yang is a postdoctoral research … More New group members


A graduate-level training in the fundamental and applied aspects of computational acoustics is held in Le Mans, 10-14 December of this year, don’t miss it! More information can be found here.    

End of sabbatical!

My research sabbatical has come to an end. It have been 5 wonderful months, with plenty of time to spend with my family in Helsinki and Stockholm. I am grateful for my hosts Lauri Savioja & Tapio Lokki at Aalto and Mats Nilsson Stockholms University for offering me the opportunity to work in there labs … More End of sabbatical!

Research sabbatical!

An exciting 5-month period has started from the first of May, as I will spend this time on a research sabbatical at Aalto University and Stockholm University. I will work on (part) of a virtual acoustic technology that enable the blind to train human echolocation. It will be inspiring to work in different research environments … More Research sabbatical!

New research collaboration with Oculus!

In January 2018, our Building Acoustics group has started a research collaboration with Oculus, well known for its virtual reality headsets. With this new research project, we aim to answer the question: How close get we get to reality with auralization from a wave-based methodology? We will carry out this research for a small living room sized space and the research will … More New research collaboration with Oculus!

PhD defence Remy Wenmaekers

Remy Wenmaekers has successfully defended his PhD thesis on Stage acoustics and sound exposure at November 22nd at TU/e! The PhD thesis can be found at this website. The defence was very special, as it was the first time a PhD degree was issued by an associate professor in the Netherlands. (Pictures | Photodette)  

Human Echolocation

At 19 October 2017, the Dutch TV program paid attention to our research on human echolocation. Our latest publications on human echolocation related to this movie fragment are the papers J34 and J36 in Journal Publications

PhD defence in Murcia

At 27 September, Juan Emilio Noriega Linares from the university of Murcia (UCAM) defended his PhD thesis ‘Analysis of the sound field and the annoyance of noise pollution in cities with the use of sensor networks’. I witnessed his defence as member of the doctorate committee. Congrats Juan Emilio!

Two new Journal papers

Two journal papers from our group have recently been accepted or publication. One paper is part of the stage acoustics PhD project of Remy Wenmaekers, titled ‘Sensitivity of stage acoustic parameters to source and receiver directivity: Measurements on three stages and in two orchestra pits‘, published Applied Acoustics. The other paper is on the role of … More Two new Journal papers

Acoutect open positions and logo competition!

The Acoutect website has been launched, please visit http://www.acoutect.eu. The project contains information on our project, and it is possible to apply for the 15 open positions of Early Stage Researchers! Last but not least, there is a logo competition. Money prizes will be give to the best logo and a second will be raffled … More Acoutect open positions and logo competition!

New position

Today I signed the contract as Associate Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology in the research field of Urban Acoustics! I am happy with this new step in my career and eager to continue the collaboration in and outside my research team. There are great challenges ahead of us. To mention some, we pursue on … More New position

New journal paper

The Applied Acoustics journal has just accepted our journal paper “Meteorological effects on the noise reducing performance of a low parallel wall structure”. A low parallel wall structure along major roads can reduce road traffic noise substantially. In this work we address the performance of this structure when meteorological effects do influence its noise reduction. … More New journal paper

ITN project granted!

  The proposal ‘Acoutect: A sound fundament for our future buildings’ has been granted by the European Commission as a H2020 Marie-Curie ITN project! I will be the coordinator of this 3.9M€ project and am proud to collaborate with the following partners: Aalto, KU Leuven, Liverpool and Chalmers (Universities), Materialize, Level Acoustics and Vibration, Matelys, Siemens, Moelven, … More ITN project granted!

Ten questions paper

  My ten questions paper on computational urban acoustics is in press in the journal Building and Environment (it can be found here). The paper contains ten questions and answers related to the need for computational acoustics methods, the relevance of including various urban propagation effects in computational modelling, and to the preferable computational methods and … More Ten questions paper


I have lectured on time-domain methods in acoustics in the summerschool organized by the European Acoustics Association. My lecture slides are available here!

Kick-off STW project

At Wednesday May 18, the kick-off of our STW project ‘Tools to Tackle Environmental Health project’ took place in Eindhoven. Our PhD students presented their results and the user committee was represented by  TNO, the municipality of Eindhoven and the Harbour of Rotterdam. The project description can be found here. 

Young Professionals Grant for Chang Liu

  Chang Liu has been awarded a Young Professionals Grant for the Inter-Noise conference in Hamburg (August 2016), where she will present the paper titled ‘Impedance deduction for vegetated roof surfaces: multiple geometry strategy’. The grant is issued by the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE). This is the second conference award in a row for … More Young Professionals Grant for Chang Liu

New paper open openPSTD software

The Elsevier journal Computer Physics Communications, has accepted the paper titled: “openPSTD: the open source pseudospectral time-domain method for acoustic propagation”, by Maarten Hornikx, Thomas Krijnen and Louis van Harten. The paper presents the implementation of our open source software openPSTD (www.openPSTD.org) for accurate computation of sound propagation in the built environment. The software will be … More New paper open openPSTD software

New paper on wind effects on sound propagation from road traffic

The journal of the European Acoustics Association (EAA), Acta Acustica United with Acoustics, has just accepted the paper titled: “Numerical investigation of the effect of crosswind on sound propagation outdoors”, by Maarten Hornikx and Timothy van Renterghem. In the paper, we show that the effect of wind on noise propagation from a line source (like … More New paper on wind effects on sound propagation from road traffic

Soundwalk Rome

At January 28, partners of the EC FP7 project ‘SONORUS: the urban sound planner’ have carried out a survey of the acoustic environment of the Colloseum and Palatino area in Rome. From Eindhoven, Fotis Georgiou, Raúl Pagan, Nicole van Hout and Maarten Hornikx participated.

New PhD research

At september 1, Yi Qin (picture) has started his PhD research in our Building Acoustics chair, titled: Impact noise insulation of lightweight floor systems at low frequencies. The research will be carried out in collaboration with Level Acoustics and Rijbroek vloeren