Podcast on Echolocation

The Universiteit van Nederland is an online platform where scientists share the most exciting insights from their field through short lectures for a wide audience. A podcast is now available at Universiteit van Nederland, in which Maarten talks about the capability of blind to ‘see’ via their ears through human echolocation. Listen to the podcast…

Maarten in Podcast

Maarten has been interviewed by Lieven Scheire about his work in the Building Acoustics research group. This long interview (45 mins) is available as episode #15 of the Eindhoven University of Technology podcast series sound of science. The interview (in Dutch can be found here).

Virtual Acoustics @DDW

The Building Acoustics is present at the Dutch Design Week 2019 (19-27 October) in Eindhoven with a Virtual Acoustics demo. You can listen to your own voice in real-time in virtual environments with high realism. Read more about our story here and visit us. The entrance is free.

‘De Monitor’ TV broadcast

Maarten was asked in the Dutch TV documentary series ‘De Monitor’ about his opinion on citizen science initiatives related to to excessive noise in the Netherlands. The broadcast can be seen here.

Interview on virtual acoustics research

The national public radio was interested in our research collaboration with Oculus and interviewed me at 24 April 2018. The interview (in Dutch) can be found here.

Human Echolocation

At 19 October 2017, the Dutch TV program paid attention to our research on human echolocation. Our latest publications on human echolocation related to this movie fragment are the papers J34 and J36 in Journal Publications https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAO4DvLY2QY