Scientific Staff
Maarten Hornikx
Full Professor

Computational techniques for acoustics of the Built Environment
Constant Hak
Assistant Professor

Advanced room acoustical measurement techniques based on room impulse responses
Cédric Van hoorickx
Assistant Professor

Acoustic materials
Marc van Baelen

Auditory profile – a comprehensive assessment of auditory functions in the blind and visually impaired
Huiqing Wang

Room acoustic modelling of open-plan spaces
Silvin Willemsen

The complete Eindhoven Acoustic Virtual Reality (EAVR) platform for challenge based learning projects
University Researchers
Bram Botterman
University Researcher

3D-printed and sustainable sound-absorbing structures for architecture and design
Dingding Xie
University Researcher

Acoustic modelling for Acoustic Virtual Reality
Rick de Vos
University Researcher

Measuring aircraft noise with Citizen Science
PhD Students
Wouter Wittebol
PhD student, co-supervised by dr. CheolHo Jeong (DTU, Denmark)

Hybridizing computational room acoustical models to enhance computational efficiency for real-time auralization purposes
Tanmayee Pathre
PhD student, co-supervised by dr. Alejandro Osses (PSL University, CNRS,
Paris, France)

Modelling requirements for auralization
Maud Dohmen
PhD student, co-supervised by dr. Ella Braat-Eggen (Avans University of Appl. Sc.)

Effects of sound on the mental health of children
Michalis Terzakis
PhD student

Estimating urban sound indicators with machine learning techniques
Xueying Guan
PhD student, co-supervised by dr. Elke Deckers (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Acoustic material design by 3D printing of natural fiber composites
Ilaria Fichera
PhD student

Diffusion equation for room acoustics
Valerie Vos
PhD student, working at Netherlands Aerospace Center NLR

PhD vacancy on modelling for perception of noise from urban air mobility aircraft in urban environments
EngD students
Devansh Kandpal
EngD student, together with Sorama.

Acoustic VR of environments in Eindhoven