Current researchers

Maarten Hornikx
Full Professor

Computational techniques for acoustics of the Built Environment
Constant Hak
Assistant Professor

Advanced room acoustical measurement techniques based on room impulse responses
Jieun Yang
Assistant Professor

Acoustic materials
Matthias Cosnefroy

Outdoor sound propagation
Marc van Baelen

Auditory profile – a comprehensive assessment of auditory functions in the blind and visually impaired
Huiqing Wang

Room acoustic modelling of open-plan spaces
Bram Botterman
University Researcher

3D-printed and sustainable sound-absorbing structures for architecture and design
Dingding Xie
University Researcher

Acoustic modelling for Acoustic Virtual Reality
Michalis Terzakis
PhD student

Estimating urban sound indicators with machine learning techniques
Maud Dohmen
PhD student

Effects of sound on the mental health of children
Tanmayee Pathre
PhD student

Modelling requirements for auralization
Wouter Wittebol
PhD student

Hybridizing computational room acoustical models to enhance computational efficiency for real-time auralization purposes
Baltazar Briere de La Hosseraye
PhD student

In-situ characterization of room material impedances from combining measurements and modelling approaches
Yi Qin
PhD student

Impact noise insulation of lightweight floor systems at low frequencies
Indra Sihar
PhD student

Numerical modelling of transient sound propagation in buildings

Graduated PhD students

Huiqing Wang
Graduated PhD in 2021
Currently: Postdoc at TU/e Building Acoustics

Room acoustic modelling of open-plan spaces
Jikke Reinten
Graduated PhD in 2020
Currently: Scientist Innovator at TNO

Exploring the effect of the sound environment on nurses’ task performance:
an applied approach focusing on prospective memory
Ella Braat-Eggen
Graduated PhD in 2020
Currently: Avans University of Applied Sciences

Auditory Distraction in Open-Plan Study Environments in Higher Education
Raúl Pagán Muñoz
Graduated PhD in 2019

Numerical modeling for urban sound propagation: developments in wave-based and energy-based methods
Chang Liu
Graduated PhD in 2019
Currently: Assistant Professor at Chongqing University

In-situ characterization of the acoustic impedance of vegetated roofs
Fotis Georgiou
Graduated PhD in 2018
Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher at Empa

Modeling for auralization of urban environments
Remy Wenmaekers
Graduated PhD in 2017
Currently: Consultant at Level Acoustics & Vibration

Stage acoustics

Former researchers

Alessia Milo
Post-doctoral researcher, 2020-2021
Currently: Computational Design and Virtual Acoustics specialist at Treble

Acoustic Virtual Reality in Education
Lingge Tan
Visiting PhD student, 2019-2020

Design and evaluation of acoustic fractal diffusers
Sai Charan Trikootam
PhD student, 2016-2020

Numerical modelling of sound propagation in the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL)
JinJack Tan
Post-doctoral researcher, 2019-2020
Currently: Acoustic Research Engineer at Sorama

MARS: Integration of Musical Acoustics, Room acoustics and Sound perception
Fanyu Meng
Post-doctoral researcher, 2017-2018
Currently: Microflown Technologies
Rick de Vos
Project researcher, 2013-2016

Human echolocation: relation perception and acoustic signals
Jeroen Donners
Project researcher (student), 2017-2019

openPSTD software development
Michiel Fortuin
Project researcher (student), 2014-2017

openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method
Louis van Harten
Project researcher (student), 2015-2017

openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method
Bram Botterman
Project researcher, 2016-2017
Currently: Matude

Sound absorbing glass
Omar Richardson
Project researcher (student), 2014-2016

openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method
Thomas Krijnen
Project researcher (student), 2012-2014

openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method