PhD defense Huiqing Wang

At October 6, 4PM local time, Huiqing Wang will defend his PhD thesis titled Room acoustic modeling with the time-domain discontinuous Galerkin method. Huiqing has further developed the discontinuous Galerkin method to predict sound propagation in rooms. The 1 hour defence can be attended online via this link in MS Teams.

dr. Ella Braat-Eggen!

At Tuesday June 23th, Ella Braat-Eggen defended her PhD thesis 'Auditory Distraction in Open-Plan Study Environments in Higher Education' at TU/e! The defense was in a hybrid form, with promotors and limited audience on campus, and committee members and more audience present via videoconferencing. The thesis can be found here and a summary video on…

PhD defence Chang Liu including symposium

At April 2nd, Chang Liu will publicly defend her PhD thesis In-situ characterization of the acoustic impedance of vegetated roofs (PDF). The defence is preceded by a symposium with presentations from Prof. Francesco Asdrubali, Prof. Timothy van Renterghem, Prof. Jian Kang, and PhD student Sai Trikootam. The symposium and the defence are public. 1330 –…

PhD Defence and symposium

At June 25th, Fotis Georgiou will publicly defend his PhD thesis Modeling for auralization of urban environments: incorporation of directivity in sound propagation and analysis of a framework for auralizing a car pass-by (PDF). The defence is preceded by a symposium with presentations from Dr. Jens Ahrens, Dr. Tapio Lokki and two PhD students from Dutch…

PhD defence Remy Wenmaekers

Remy Wenmaekers has successfully defended his PhD thesis on Stage acoustics and sound exposure at November 22nd at TU/e! The PhD thesis can be found at this website. The defence was very special, as it was the first time a PhD degree was issued by an associate professor in the Netherlands. (Pictures | Photodette)