As of March 1st 2022, Imran Muhammad joined the Building Acoustics team as a post-doctoral researcher! He will be working on the project A digital learning platform for building acoustics.

After his university education in physics, he continued his academic endeavors at Hanyang University Seoul, Korea as a research assistant in the architectural acoustic labs. The research activities were focused on microphone arrays systems, speech and signal processing, and auralization at Hanyang University. He started his doctor’s degree with a thesis in virtual building acoustics auralization at Institute of Technical Acoustics (ITA) RWTH Aachen University Germany in May 2017 and complete in Feb 2022. In Aachen he worked on room acoustics and building acoustics with special emphasis in the field of Acoustics for Virtual Reality (AVR) and Virtual Building Acoustics (VBA) auralization with Contextual and Interactive features for virtual reality environments.