Railway near Acht

This location lies in Eindhoven and can be looked up using the coordinates 51.476444, 5.422750. The area behind the railway is a part of the Acht municipality. Its proximity to the airport means a lot of planes flying above this area on a regular basis. This area is also next to a busy road Boschdijk.  However, the dominant noise source in the selected location is the railway track adjacent to this area, connecting the Strijp-S and Best stations, as shown in the picture. The direction of wind for the major part of the year is from the south-west. Therefore the noise heard on the north-eastern side of the railway track (which covers the residential area we have chosen to measure in) is higher than at the western side, due to atmospheric effects.  An earth berm with plants acts as a noise barrier here shielding the area. Measurements done in this area at different distances from the railway track will  describe the influence of the meteorological effects on the noise heard in this area. A total of four microphones will be placed at various points in this area, preferably at these positions – one close to the railway track, two in Scheldestraat (one on each side) and one in Griftlaan. The distance between the farthest microphone and the railway track would be around 285 meters.

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