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2020J7Zielinski, T.G., Opiela, K.C., Pawlowski, P., Dauchez, N., Boutin, T., Kennedy, J., Trimble, D., Rice, H., Van Damme, B., Hannema, G., Wrobel, R., Kim, S., Mosanenzadeh, S.G., Fang, N.X., Yang, J., Briere de La Hosseraye, B., Hornikx, M., Salze, E., Galland, M.-A., Bonnen, R., Carvalho de Sousa, A., Dekers, E., Gaborit, M., Groby, J.-P.
Reproducibility of sound-absorbing periodic porous materials using additive manufacturing technologies: Round robin study
Additive Manufaturing, 36 (2020), 101564
2020J6Liu, C., Georgiou, F., Hornikx, M.
Characterization of the acoustic impedance of in-situ vegetated roofs
Applied Acoustics, 171 (2021), 107514
2020J5Wang, H., Hornikx, M.
Time-domain Impedance Boundary Condition Modeling with the Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Room Acoustics Simulations
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 147 (2020), 2534-2546
2020J4Platier, B., Staps, T., Hak, C., Beckers, J., IJzerman, W.
Resonant microwaves probing acoustic waves from an RF plasma jet
Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 29 (2020), 045024
2020J3Wang, H., Yang, J., Hornikx, M.
Frequency-dependent transmission boundary condition in the acoustic time-domain nodal discontinuous Galerkin model
Applied Acoustics, 164 (2020), 107280
2020J2Givois, A., Tan, J.J., Touzé, C., Thomas, O.
Backbone curves of coupled cubic oscillators in one-to-one internal resonance: bifurcation scenario, measurements and parameter identification
Meccanica volume 55 (2020), 481–503
2020J1Braat-Eggen, E., Reinten, J., Hornikx, M., Kohlrausch, A.
The influence of background speech on a writing task in an open-plan study environment
Building and Environment, 169 (2020), 106586


2019J7Tahler, L., De Vos, R., Kish, D., Antoniou, M., Baker, C., Hornikx, M.
Human Click-Based Echolocation of Distance: Superfine Acuity and Dynamic Clicking Behaviour
Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, 20 (5), 499-510
2019J6Sihar, I., Hornikx, M.
Implementation of the Nodal Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Plate Vibration Problem using Linear Elasticity Equations
Acta Acustica – Acustica, 105 (4), 668-681
2019J5Braat-Eggen, E,. Keus van de Poll, M., Kohlrausch, A., Hornikx, M.
Auditory distraction in open-plan study environments: Effects of background speech and reverberation time on a collaboration task
Applied Acoustics (154) 148-160

2019J4Hornikx, M.
Advances in Environmental Acoustics, editorial
Building and Environment 154 (2019) A1–A2
2019J3Georgiou, F., Hornikx, M., Kohlrausch, A.
Auralization of a car pass-by using impulse responses computed with a wave-based method
Acta Acustica – Acustica 105 (2019) 381 – 391
2019J2Wang, H., Pagan, R., Sihar, I., Hornikx, M.
Room acoustics modelling in the time-domain with the nodal discontinuous Galerkin method
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 145 (2019), 2650.
2019J1Trikootam, S., Hornikx, M.
The wind effect on sound propagation over urban areas: experimental approach with an uncontrolled sound source
Building and Environment 149 (2019), 561–570


2018J5Liu, C., Hornikx, M.
Effect of water content on noise attenuation over vegetated roofs: Results from two field studies 
Building and Environment 146 (2018), 1-11
2018J4Hornikx, M., Dohmen, M., Conen, K., van Hooff, T., Blocken, B.
The wind effect on sound propagation over urban areas: predictions for generic urban sections
Building and Environment 144 (2018), 519-531
2018J3Thaler, L., De Vos, R., Kish, D., Antoniou, M., Baker, C., Hornikx, M.
Human Echolocators adjust loudness and number of clicks for detection of reflectors at various azimuth angles
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 285 (2018), 20172735
2018J2Botterman, B., Doudart de la Grée, G., Hornikx, M., Brouwers, J.
Modelling and optimization of the sound absorption of wood-wool cement boards
Applied Acoustics 129 (2018), 144-154
2018J1de Vos, R., Hornikx, M.
Human Ability to Judge Relative Size and Lateral Position of a Sound Reflecting Board Using Click Signals: Influence of Source Position and Click Properties
Acta Acustica – Acustica 104(1) (2018), 131-144


2017J7Wenmaekers, R., Nicolai, B., Hornikx, M., Kohlrausch, A.
Why orchestral musicians are bound to wear earplugs: about the ineffectiveness of physical measures to reduce sound exposure
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 142(5) (2017), 3154–3164
2017J6de Vos, R., Hornikx, M.
Acoustic Properties of Tongue Clicks used for Human Echolocation
Acta Acustica – Acustica 103(6) (2017), 1106-1115
2017J5Pagan Munoz, R., Hornikx, M.
Hybrid Fourier pseudospectral / discontinuous Galerkin time-domain method for wave propagation
Journal of Computational Physics 348 (2017), 416-432
2017J4Reinten, J., Braat-Eggen, E., Hornikx, M., Kort, H., Kohlrausch, A.
The indoor sound environment and human task performance: a literature review on the role of room acoustics
Building and Environment 123 (2017), 315-332
2017J3Wenmaekers, R., Hak, C., Hornikx, M., Kohlrausch, A.
Sensitivity of stage acoustic parameters to source and receiver directivity: Measurements on three stages and in two orchestra pits
Applied Acoustics 123 (2017), 20–28
2017J2Braat-Eggen, E., van Heijst, A., Hornikx, M., Kohlrausch, A.
Noise disturbance in open-plan study environments: A field study on noise sources, student tasks and room acoustic parameters
Ergonomics 60(9) (2017), 1297-131
2017J1Van Renterghem, T., Taherzadeh, S., Hornikx, M., Attenborough, K.
Meteorological effects on the noise reducing performance of a low parallel wall structure
Applied Acoustics 121 (2017), 74–81.


2016J5Wenmaekers, R., Hak, C., Hornikx, M.
How orchestra members influence stage acoustic parameters on five different concert hall stages and orchestra pits
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 140(3) (2016), 4437-4448.
2016J4Georgiou, F., Hornikx, M.
Incorporating directivity in the Fourier pseudospectral time-domain method using spherical harmonics.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 140(2) (2016), 855-865.
2016J3Hornikx, M.
Ten questions concerning computational urban acoustics.
Building and Environment 106 (2016), 409-421.
2016J2Hornikx, M., Krijnen, T., van Harten, L.
openPSTD: the open source pseudospectral time-domain method for acoustic propagation.
Computer Physics Communications 203 (2016), 298-308.
2016J1Hornikx, M., Van Renterghem, T.
Numerical investigation of the effect of crosswind on sound propagation outdoors.
Acta Acustica – Acustica 102(3) (2016), 558-567.


2015J6Hornikx, M., Dragna, D
Application of the Fourier pseudo spectral time-domain method in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates for near-rigid moderately curved surfaces.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 138(1) (2015), 425-435
2015J5Hornikx, M., Kaltenbacher, M., Marburg, S.
Framework for Linear Benchmark Problems in Computational Acoustics.
Acta Acustica – Acustica 101(4) (2015), 811-820
2015J4Hornikx, M., De Roeck, W., Desmet, W., Toulorge, T.
Applicability of using the Fourier pseudospectral time-domain method to model exhaust pipe noise radiation.
Computers and Fluids 116 (2015), 176-191
2015J3Van Renterghem, T., Forssén, J., Attenborough, K., Jean, Ph., Defrance, J., Hornikx, M., Kang, J.
Using natural means to reduce surface transport noise during propagation outdoors.
Applied Acoustics 92 (2015), 86-101
2015J2Hornikx, M.
Acoustic modelling of indoor and outdoor spaces. Guest editorial.
Journal of Building Performance Simulation 8(1), (2015), 1-2
2015J1Hornikx, M., Hak, C., Wenmaekers, R.
Acoustic modelling of sports halls, two case studies.
Journal of Building Performance Simulation 8(1), (2015), 26-38


2014J5Wenmaekers, R., Hak, C., Hornikx, M.
The effective air absorption coefficient for predicting reverberation time in full octave bands.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 136(6), (2014), 3063-3071
2014J4Wei, W., Van Renterghem, T., Botteldooren, D., Hornikx, M., Forssen, J., Salomons, E., Ögren, M.
A fitted engineering model for background noise mapping.
Acta Acustica – Acustica 100(6), (2014), 1098-1111
2014J3Forssén, J., Wei, W., Van Renterghem, T., Botteldooren, D., Hornikx, M., Van Renterghem, T., Ögren, M.
A model of sound scattering by atmospheric turbulence for use in noise mapping calculations.
Acta Acustica – Acustica 100(5), (2014), 810-815
2014J2Bashir, I., Hill, T., Taherzadeh, S., Attenborough, K., Hornikx, M.
Reduction of Surface Transport Noise by Ground Roughness.
Applied Acoustics 83, (2014), 1-15
2014J1Hornikx, M., Forssén, J., Botteldooren, D., Van Renterghem, T., Wei, W., Ogren, M., Salomons, E.
Urban background noise mapping: the multiple-reflection correction term.
Acta Acustica – Acustica 100(2), (2014), 293-305

2013 and earlier

2013J2Dragna, D., Bogey, C., Hornikx, M. Blanc-Benon, Ph.
Analysis of the dissipation and dispersion properties of the Chebyshev pseudospectral method for propagation problems.
Journal of Computational Physics 255, (2013), 31-47
2013J1Van Renterghem, T., Hornikx, M., Forssen, J., Botteldooren, D.
The potential of building envelope greening to achieve quietness.
Building and Environment 61, (2013), 34-44
2012J2Veisten, K., Smyrnova, Y., Klæboe, R., Hornikx, M., Mosslemi, M., Kang, J.
Valuation of Green Walls and Green Roofs as Soundscape Measures: Including Monetised Amenity Values Together with Noise-attenuation Values in a Cost-benefit Analysis of a Green Wall Affecting Courtyards.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 9, (2012), 3770-3788
2012J1Hornikx, M., De Roeck, W., Desmet, W.
A multi-domain Fourier pseudospectral time-domain method for the linearized Euler equations.
Journal of Computational Physics 231(14), (2012), 4759-4774
2011J1Hornikx, M., Forssen, J.
Modelling of sound propagation to three-dimensional urban courtyards using the extended Fourier PSTD method.
Applied Acoustics 72,(2011), 665-676
2010J3Hornikx M. and Waxler, R.
The extended Fourier pseudospectral time- domain (PSTD) method for fluid media with discontinuous properties.
Journal of Computational Acoustics 18(4), (2010), 297-319
2010J2Hornikx M., Waxler, R., Forssén, J.
The extended Fourier pseudospectral time-domain (PSTD) method for atmospheric sound propagation.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 128(4), (2010), 1632-1646
2010J1Schiff, M., Hornikx, M., Forssén, J.
Excess attenuation for sound propagation over an urban canyon.
Applied Acoustics 71, (2010), 510-517
2009J1Hornikx, M., Forssén, J.
Noise abatement schemes for shielded canyons.
Applied Acoustics 70, (2009), 267-283
2008J1Hornikx, M., Forssén, J.
A scale model study of parallel urban canyons.
Acta Acustica – Acustica 94(2), (2008), 265-281
2007J1Hornikx, M., Forssén, J.
The 2.5-dimensional equivalent sources method for directly exposed and shielded urban canyons.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 122(5), (2007), 2532-2541
2006J1Forssén, J., Hornikx M.
Statistics of A-weighted road traffic noise levels in shielded urban areas.
Acta Acustica – Acustica 92(6), (2006), 998-1008

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