The equipment that will be used for the measurements, in cases where it is to be mounted at houses, will consist of the following.

1) A microphone, connected to a box which encloses the circuitry for the microphone 

2) Power over Ethernet (POE) converter

3) Two POE adapters that transmit information to each other 

To power the microphones and transmit the data, it needs constant supply of power and internet, as could be inferred from the above list. Please find the pictures of the equipment below, in three parts, split according to the different places they would be mounted at.



Microphone and the circuit box, which are going to be mounted outside the house (either on window sill, roof or water pipe). The thin white cable would ideally pass through the window into the house.


The POE converter (black) and one of the two POE adapters (white) which is going to be plugged into a power outlet. This part provides both the internet and power supply to the microphone through the thin white cable. This part of equipment would be placed in a room that is closest to the microphone.


The second POE adapter which is going to be plugged into another power outlet in a room with the the Wifi router. It will be connected to an internet port through the Ethernet cable. This second adapter supplies the internet to the first adapter, which then sends both internet and power supply to the microphone through the POE converter. 

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