We supervised the following Master’s theses.

Guan, X., 22 Feb 2022
Modelling extendedly reacting porous absorbers with the Kirchhoff-Helmholtz integral equation
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Wang, H. (Supervisor 2) & Yang, J. (Supervisor 2)
Krijgsman, E., 22 Feb 2022
The wind effect on sound propagation over an array of photovoltaic panels
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Cosnefroy, M. (Supervisor 2) & Kang, L. (Supervisor 2)
Mues, K.M., 20 Apr 2021
The reliability of the STI and FDCC with respect to predicting speech intelligibility in multi-talker environments
Supervisor: Braat-Eggen, P. (Supervisor 1), Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 2) & Wittebol, W. (Supervisor 2)
Houterman, T., 28 Apr 2020
A design of an omnidirectional sound source used for impulse response measurements
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Hak, C. C. (Supervisor 2) & Lautenbach, M. (External coach)
Soares, S., 17 Dec 2019
Hybrid acoustic model for sound propagation in a street canyon
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Pagán Muñoz, R. (Supervisor 2), Georgiou, F. (Supervisor 2) & Wittebol, W. (Supervisor 2)
Lekx, S., 30 Apr 2019
Implementing a real-time dynamic auralization method in a virtual reality environment: with quality assessment through listening tests
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Georgiou, F. (Supervisor 2), Phil, M. (External coach) & Hak, C. (Supervisor 2)
Kik, S., 29 Mar 2019
High frequency acoustic scattering and diffusion: validation of fast multipole method
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Hak, C. (Supervisor 2) & Briere de la Hosseraye, B. (Supervisor 2)
Dohmen, M., 31 Aug 2018
Road traffic noise interventions: development of a method to quantify their effects on annoyance and sleep disturbance at a small scale
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Pagán Muñoz, R. (Supervisor 2) & van Kamp, I. (External coach)
Wittebol, W., 31 Aug 2018
2-channel mono playback in cinema and room in room acoustics: the effect of direct field interference on playback quality of diffuse-field recordings
Supervisor: Hak, C. (Supervisor 1), Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 2) & Wenmaekers, R. (Supervisor 2)
Reijnders, W., 30 Jan 2018
Room in room acoustics: the influence of direct and diffuse sound fields in recording rooms on the perceived acoustics in listening rooms
Supervisor: Hak, C. (Supervisor 1), Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 2) & Wenmaekers, R. (Supervisor 2)
van Loenen, R., 27 Mar 2018
Investigation of listening test methods
Supervisor: Georgiou, F. (Supervisor 1), Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 2) & Braat – Eggen, P. (Supervisor 2)
Pennings, D., 30 Jun 2017
Modeling and characterizing low-frequency impact sound transmission through floor constructions
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Sihar, I. (Supervisor 2), Vugts, J. (Supervisor 2), Beentjes, W. (External coach) & Campmans, T. (External coach)
Kalee, M., 30 Jun 2017
Quantifying the acoustical properties of internal vegetation screens: investigation of the transmission and absorption properties of internal vegetation screens (IVSs) for predicting the acoustical performance of IVSs in an open-plan work
Supervisor: Braat – Eggen, P. (Supervisor 1), Hak, C. (Supervisor 2) & Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 2)
van Pruissen, E., 2017
Effect of moisture content on sound attenuation over vegetated roofs: an experimental set-up for long-term measurements
Supervisor: Liu, C. (Supervisor 1), Hornikx, M. C. (Supervisor 2) & Clercx, H. J. (Supervisor 2)
Prüst, S., 19 Dec 2017
Unsupervised data mining on audio recordings in urban environments
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Hak, C. (Supervisor 2) & Wessels, P. (External coach)
van der Wilt, M., 30 Apr 2017
Implementation of the diffusion equation model for irregularly shaped rooms using the finite difference method
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Pagán Muñoz, R. (Supervisor 2) & Hak, C. (Supervisor 2)
Nicolai, B., 20 Dec 2016
The influence of stage acoustics on sound exposure of symphony orchestra musicians: measured versus modelled binaural sound exposure of ten musicians on three different stages
Supervisor: Wenmaekers, R. (Supervisor 1), Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 2) & Blocken, B. (Supervisor 2)
Botterman, B., 31 Aug 2016
WWCB: characterizing, modelling and optimizing the sound absorption of wood wool cement boards
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Doudart de la Grée, G. (Supervisor 2), Yu, Q. (Supervisor 2) & Brouwers, H. (Supervisor 2)
Hoekstra, N., 31 Aug 2016
Sound absorption of periodically spaces baffles
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1), Hak, C. (Supervisor 2) & Blocken, B. (Supervisor 2)
Bijpost, J., 31 Aug 2016
The acoustic comfort of restaurants: a research into the relation between the acoustic comfort and the design of a restaurant including a literature study, prediction methods, an experimental research and a case study
Supervisor: Hak, C. (Supervisor 1), Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 2) & Blocken, B. (Supervisor 2)
Tijsma, T., 29 Feb 2016
Low frequency room acoustics in coupled volume rooms
Supervisor: Hornikx, M. (Supervisor 1) & Sihar, I. (Supervisor 2)