Paper about a local time stepping approach of the Discontinuous Galerkin time-domain method for room acoustics

Paper alert! Applying the Discontinuous Galerkin time-domain methods to room acoustics is time consuming if the mesh needs local refinement for geometrical reasons. In this JASA paper, a discontinuous time stepping approach is successfully presented, implying a release of the high computational constraint for meshes with strong local refinements. A next step in wave-based room…

Acoustic Virtual Reality In Challenged Based Learning

For a design student learning acoustics may seem at times too abstract. We are currently developing an Acoustic Virtual Reality (AVR) platform to allow students to experience the sonic potential of their spatial designs in a multimodal immersive way. You can read more information about the project at this link.

Virtual Acoustics @DDW

The Building Acoustics is present at the Dutch Design Week 2019 (19-27 October) in Eindhoven with a Virtual Acoustics demo. You can listen to your own voice in real-time in virtual environments with high realism. Read more about our story here and visit us. The entrance is free.

New research collaboration with Oculus!

In January 2018, our Building Acoustics group has started a research collaboration with Oculus, well known for its virtual reality headsets. With this new research project, we aim to answer the question: How close get we get to reality with auralization from a wave-based methodology? We will carry out this research for a small living room sized space and the research will…