Acoustic Virtual Reality In Challenged Based Learning

For a design student learning acoustics may seem at times too abstract. We are currently developing an Acoustic Virtual Reality (AVR) platform to allow students to experience the sonic potential of their spatial designs in a multimodal immersive way. You can read more information about the project at this link.

Maarten in Podcast

Maarten has been interviewed by Lieven Scheire about his work in the Building Acoustics research group. This long interview (45 mins) is available as episode #15 of the Eindhoven University of Technology podcast series sound of science. The interview (in Dutch can be found here).

Virtual Acoustics @DDW

The Building Acoustics is present at the Dutch Design Week 2019 (19-27 October) in Eindhoven with a Virtual Acoustics demo. You can listen to your own voice in real-time in virtual environments with high realism. Read more about our story here and visit us. The entrance is free.

‘De Monitor’ TV broadcast

Maarten was asked in the Dutch TV documentary series 'De Monitor' about his opinion on citizen science initiatives related to to excessive noise in the Netherlands. The broadcast can be seen here.

Building Acoustics team @ ICA

The International Congress on Acoustics (ICA), was hosted in the city of Aachen, 9-13 September 2019. The Building Acoustics team was well represented and participated with ten conference papers.

Urban Sound Symposium

The urban sound symposium took place in Ghent from, April 3-5 2019. All information on this exciting event can be found at, where presentation documents will be uploaded soon. I had a keynote on Auralization Technology, here is the link to the pdf of the presentation.

PhD defence Chang Liu including symposium

At April 2nd, Chang Liu will publicly defend her PhD thesis In-situ characterization of the acoustic impedance of vegetated roofs (PDF). The defence is preceded by a symposium with presentations from Prof. Francesco Asdrubali, Prof. Timothy van Renterghem, Prof. Jian Kang, and PhD student Sai Trikootam. The symposium and the defence are public. 1330 –…

New group members

In the first three months of 2019, four new researchers have started working in our Building Acoustics research group! JinJack Tan is a postdoctoral research fellow, who was awarded a 2-year EuroTech postdoc research grant with his research project MARS:  Integration of Musical Acoustics, Room acoustics and Sound perceptionJieun Yang is a postdoctoral research fellow…