A50 highway near Son (Het Zand)

This location lies to the north of Eindhoven, just above the Ekkersrijt industrial area. The location can be looked up using the coordinates 51.506763, 5.472169. This is a quiet residential location with a low volume of local traffic. Most of the noise heard in this location is from the highway traffic on the west of district het Zand (Son). The dominant direction of wind for major part of the year is south-west, which contributes to the noise levels.  There is a noise barrier made of concrete at a distance of around 25m from the center of the highway. A total of four microphones are planned to be placed in this area, starting with a position closest to the highway and moving away to larger distances. The preferred positions of the microphones are – one next to the highway (before the barrier), one each in Keizersmantellaan, Citroenvlinderlaan and Larikslaan. The distance between the farthest microphone and the highway would be around 800 meters.

This location has also been reported in the media for noise complaints from the residents of the districts het Zand and Gentiaan. The article can be found here. Although this measurement campaign is not directly connected to the municipality’s efforts in solving noise problems, the results of this campaign will illustrate the impact of meteorological effects on the noise levels in these districts.

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